Regular teeth cleaning is the best way to prevent dental diseases in dogs. By maintaining your dog’s dental hygiene you could help prevent veterinary treatment.


Dog Teeth Clean
Did you know that dental disease in dogs is linked to diseases such as heart and kidney disease. It can also cause pain, drooling and bad breath in your dog. By maintaining a regular teeth cleaning routine this will help the bacteria in the mouth minimal.

Our Ultrasonic treatment supports the destruction of bacteria on the teeth, tartar and plaque which removes the basis for dental diseases.

Our Cleany Teeth brush is noiseless whilst combating plaque, tartar, bad breath and much more!

Results vary depending on your dog’s teeth. Please note, if we feel your dog’s teeth would require veterinary treatment first then we will recommend this.

Dog Teeth Cleaning Results
Dog Teeth Clean
Dog Teeth Cleaning Results


Initial 30 minute session - £45

Our Initial sessions are to work on getting the teeth free from any build up or staining. Your dog may require a few initial sessions to get their teeth sparkling.

Maintenance 15 minute session - £30

Once your dog has completed their initial sessions, they will be ready for follow up maintenance sessions. We recommend doing this every 4 to 8 weeks.


3 x Initial Sessions (booked weekly) – £115 (saving £20)

3 x Maintenance sessions (booked every 4 weeks) – £75 (saving £15)


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