Welcome to our premium dog grooming services, where we pamper your dogs with expert care and love.
We use a range of natural, vegan-friendly shampoos and conditioners ensuring they look and feel their absolute best.


Full groom service at local dog grooming salon

Our full grooms are unique and tailored to your dog’s individual needs. We will advise on maintaining their coats at home and the best grooming schedule for their breed.

You can choose to have a practical pet trim if your dog likes long muddy walks or go for more of a breed standard style.

Matted and knotty coats will be assessed and if necessary a shave-off will be required.

This is the best route to make your dog comfortable and start with a blank canvas to grow the coat out and have regular maintenance grooming sessions.

(Matted coats will require a shave off form being signed and dated and an additional charge will be added to the grooming cost.)

Full groom service at local dog grooming salon


“My dog scooter loves it here!

He can’t wait to get in for his groom and they really do a great job.
He has a full groom and he looks perfect, exactly as we asked for.

Very much recommend this parlour!”

Hazel Clark

Puppy Grooming

We offer an exclusive 3 week course for puppies known as our Puppy Prep School.

This course is suitable for puppies aged 12 weeks to 6 months.

Bath & Blow Drys

Dog Bath and blow dry at local Stockport grooming salon
Perfect for maintaining your dog’s coat in between appointments or if they just need a refresh, especially those with a fluffy coat!

Also great for short haired, smooth coated breeds for a freshen up.

Dog Bath and blow dry at local Stockport grooming salon
Beautifully groomed dog in Stockport
Dog having nails filed and clipped
Happy dog after relaxing grooming session


Stockport, Hazel Grove, Offerton, Bramhall, Marple, High Lane & Poynton

De-Shedding Treatment

Perfect for both double coated and smooth coated breeds. This treatment helps to reduce shedding and your hoover!

Works wonderfully on breeds such as GSD, Huskies, Border collies as well as Bulldogs, Boxers, Labradors and Pugs.


Handstripping is a specialised technique often used on wired haired terriers and silky coated spaniels.

It is a highly skilled service and often takes a lot longer than a regular groom.

It will help keep a natural texture and colour to your dog’s coat.

Handstripping prices start at £30 per hour.


“Kate is fantastic – my cockerpoo can’t wait to see her !

Started off with a puppy groom and now as a nearly 2 year old alternate monthly between wash/brush and full groom.

Great local business – highly recommended.”


Norman the cockapoo being groomed at Canine Co salon

Spa Treatments

Indulge your pooch in a full pamper by adding a spa treatment to your sessions.

Blueberry or Aloe Facial

Deep Conditioning Treatment


Mud Bath (the good kind!)

All spa treatments are £5 or 3 for 2

Teeth cleaning

Regular teeth cleaning is the best way to prevent dental diseases in dogs. By maintaining your dog’s dental hygiene you could help prevent veterinary treatment.

Our Ultrasonic treatment supports the destruction of bacteria on the teeth, under the gumline and gingival pockets.

Our Cleany Teeth brush is noiseless whilst combating plaque, tartar, bad breath and much more!

Results vary depending on your dog’s teeth. Please note, if we feel your dog’s teeth would require veterinary treatment first then we will recommend this.